International Neural Therapy Conference


Neural Therapy according to Huneke is the treatment of disturbance fields or ’storfeld’ with injections of impletol, a local anesthetic solution containing procaine and caffeine. Many of those who have learned to use this simple, powerful tool have seen it transform their practice.

Since it was first described and taught by Ferdinand and Walter Huneke in the 1940s, this technique has been learned and used by medical doctors throughout the world. The first wave were based in the German-speaking countries of Europe, but they have since been joined by large numbers of physicians in Spain and the Spanish-speaking countries of the Americas. While it is used by a small number of physicians in the US and Canada, it remains largely unknown in North America and rest of the English-speaking world.

While it has never been evaluated in controlled clinical trials, most physicians who use neural therapy have observed dramatic responses in many of their patients. The massive importance and potential of this treatment system lies in its focus on disturbance fields. The notion that physical injuries, infections and other traumatic insults can create long-lasting changes in connective tissue and the autonomic nervous system is not new. These ‘blockages’ have been most famously described in the Traditional Chinese Medicine literature, and are an integral part of the philosophy and practice of many other Complementary and Alternative Medicine therapies from around the world.

Neural therapy brings these ancient teachings to 21st century medicine. Based on modern principles of anatomy and physiology, using precise techniques and a rational approach to diagnosis and treatment, neural therapy has the unique potential to transform healthcare.


The title of this conference highlights its focus. As is typical of many dramatic advances and insights, the initial light that the Huneke brothers shone on health and disease has led to a number of different ideas and approaches to its use in clinical practice. The differences between these perspectives have also been influenced by language, culture and socio-economic factors that are as perennial as the grass. While we will focus on neural therapy in its purest form, this conference will highlight many ways to make it even better.

We aim to introduce physicians to neural therapy and to bring together the neural therapists of the world. To share and elevate our understanding of the simple, elegant principles that form the basis of our practice. To celebrate and further the growth of this important gift to humanity. More importantly, to exchange and learn from different perspectives to foster the integration of neural therapy into healthcare - from the individual clinical practice to the medical institutions of the world.

Whether you are an expert or a complete beginner, this conference will be an important event for you. Novices will be able to apply their new knowledge and skill and see immediate results in many of their patients. Experts will share a collegial atmosphere and be exposed to a broad range of specific tools with the potential to enhance their practice.


Neural therapy is highly relevant to every aspect of clinical medicine. The treatment of interference fields in the autonomic nervous system yields multisystem benefits. Physicians should consider this conference not based on their clinical specialty but rather on their desire for better outcomes and their willingness to go ‘beyond the guidelines’ and expand their treatment toolkit with new techniques.

This includes:

  • Family medicine and general practice
  • Emergency medicine
  • Surgical specialties
  • Obstetrics and gynecology
  • Pediatrics
  • Psychiatry
  • Internal medicine and related specialties

Other providers

Classical neural therapy involves procaine injections and has been administered by medical doctors around the world. Nonetheless, the principles underlying neural therapy are relevant to all healthcare providers. The information presented in this conference will help them better treat their patients.

These include:

  • Naturopathic doctors
  • Chiropractors and manual therapists
  • Acupuncture and TCM practitioners
  • Other interested healthcare providers

Inglés es el idioma oficial de la Conferencia , pero habrá traducción simultánea al español en las sesiones plenarias / English is the official language of the Conference but there will be simultaneous translation into Spanish at the plenary sessions